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I am doing great and still love my hearing aids. Just love that I can hear. I have been using some of my programs. Sometimes I forget that I have them. Sunday after Mass, my husband and I went to Waffle House. There were some college kids having breakfast and they had that juke box going and cranked up! It was crazy loud! I remembered my program for restaurants, set my hearing aids on it and it really helped! I love being able to talk on my phone and hear through my hearing aids. That is so cool! Thank you for all that you do for the Y and the hearing impaired.
Kathi Jones, on Google+
I've needed hearing aids for years at a fairly young age (40's) an never did anything about it because of such an active lifestyle and not wanting to admit that I have a problem. I started searching for solutions when it became more and more apparent that my hearing loss was affecting my personal and business life. I tried a couple of different hearing aids and even bought one but I had modest results. It wasn't until John gave me a thorough hearing check that I saw the enormous difference in what life was (limited) and what life could be (fully engaged). I go to professionals and expect to be able to trust their expertise and John fulfilled all of my expectations. What I like most about NuEar and John and his staff is that I not only trust them to make the right recommendations but I also value the full care they extend me to make sure that I get continued good use of my investment. Thanks John and team.
Colin Daymude, on Google+
Very thorough/Very professional. Nice people
allen freeman, on Google+
Peter Reis, on Google+
Lem Harsh, on Google+

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