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As of today I have now completed one year with NuEar .Great company with great people. John, Cynthia and the technicians are very professional and make you feel comfortable at their office. It is a whole new world being able to hear properly with hearing aids and learn about hearing loss through information and education provided by John and his staff. With yearly check ups, adjustments and several scheduled visits they help keep your hearing aids clean and well maintained for peek performance.
Bill Parcells, on Google+
I met John over 3 years ago. At that time, I decided not to purchase hearing aids from him because they were more expensive than at the big box store. Boy was I wrong, what a waste of money. Yes, I got cheaper aids but the quality was terrible. Also once I needed help with the technology, no one could provide adequate service. Frustrated and discouraged, I came back to see John. He was immediately helpful and adopted me as a patient. He fixed my hearing aids and adjusted them to fit my hearing lost. I wish, I had just bought aids from him from the beginning. I basically wasted 3 years. My plan is to upgrade to Nuear’s aids since they are more technologically advanced and I will definitely use John for the purchasing process. Thank you to John and his wonderful staff.
Nancy Apling, on Google+
First off, I’ve purchased hearing aids for the last 15 years. I’ve tried many different shops in and around the Atlanta area and I’ve bought many different styles/brands of hearing aids. The problem is that I could not find proper service after the actual purchase. Trust me, purchasing the aids is only the first step in dealing with hearing lost. The service/care afterwards is very important. After complaining to one of my relatives that I’ve spent too much money on hearing aids only for them to end up in one of the drawers in my office, he recommended that I go see John Schellman at Nuear. When I walked in, I was skeptical due to my previous experiences. From the moment I sat down with John, I could tell this time was going to be different. Since working with John (for over a year now) I’ve received outstanding service/care, he truly cares for my health. Best services ever. Highly recommended.
Dave Roberts, on Google+
I am doing great and still love my hearing aids. Just love that I can hear. I have been using some of my programs. Sometimes I forget that I have them. Sunday after Mass, my husband and I went to Waffle House. There were some college kids having breakfast and they had that juke box going and cranked up! It was crazy loud! I remembered my program for restaurants, set my hearing aids on it and it really helped! I love being able to talk on my phone and hear through my hearing aids. That is so cool! Thank you for all that you do for the Y and the hearing impaired.
Kathi Jones, on Google+
I've needed hearing aids for years at a fairly young age (40's) an never did anything about it because of such an active lifestyle and not wanting to admit that I have a problem. I started searching for solutions when it became more and more apparent that my hearing loss was affecting my personal and business life. I tried a couple of different hearing aids and even bought one but I had modest results. It wasn't until John gave me a thorough hearing check that I saw the enormous difference in what life was (limited) and what life could be (fully engaged). I go to professionals and expect to be able to trust their expertise and John fulfilled all of my expectations. What I like most about NuEar and John and his staff is that I not only trust them to make the right recommendations but I also value the full care they extend me to make sure that I get continued good use of my investment. Thanks John and team.
Colin Daymude, on Google+

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